Writing a GREAT paragraph is easier than you think.... IF you use the "Powergraph" format, that is! It all comes down to knowing what the numbers mean. Once you know the numbers, you can create paragraphs of different lengths and different content for many different purposes. Writing CAN be fun. Really!!
          • A BASIC 8 sentence paragraph is a 1a-2-3-2-3-2-3-1b format.

TITLE 1a - Topic sentence (Tells what you'll be writing about, in a complete sentence) 2 - First main idea of your paragraph 3 - Examples/details about your first main idea to support it 2 - Second main idea of your paragraph 3 - Examples/details about your second main idea 2 - Third main idea of your paragraph 3 - Examples/details about your third main idea 1b - Closing sentence/summarizes your paragraph My Favorite Things To Do (1a) There are many things I enjoy doing in my free time, if I am not busy with laundry or cleaning. (2) One activity I love to do is watch movies with my feet propped up in the recliner. (3) Even though I have seen them before, I still like to watch movies like Pearl Harbor, High School Musicals, and Chronicles of Narnia. (2) Another fun activity I like to do is read new books. (3) Some of my favorite authors are Francine Rivers and Lori Wick. Some of my children's authors are Andrew Clements and Margaret Peterson Haddix. I love reading aloud to my classes!(2) A final thing that I really like to do is play with my children. (3) I think my favorite thing to do with them is play outside. We like to jump on the trampoline and play wiffle ball. (1b) In conclusion, it's always nice to have time to enjoy my favorite activitites.

All of these parts can help you create an awesome 5-paragraph essay as well. The 1a paragraph is your topic paragraph with several introductory sentences to set your purpose for your readers. The first 2-3-3 becomes your second full paragraph which contains your first main idea and several example/support sentences. This pattern continues until you get to the 1b closing paragraph where you write a few sentences to sum up your essay's topic/purpose. (Just remember NOT to close with "These are the... or Now you know... Be original and interesting in your sentence creation!)


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